About Us


Anaya Welding & Lease Service is a privately and locally owned and operated oilfield construction contractor servicing the Texas oil and gas industry since 1980. Our crews have worked with small and high volume companies and are able to preform with precise and exact specifications with the same professionalism across the board.


Our qualified skilled labor has extensive experience and certifications in their positions. Our business practices are distinguished by a continuing effort to deliver exceptional value, as reflected in our guiding principles. We take pride in maintaining strict attention to quality and performance and remaining in compliance with major corporate specifications. Along with a high level of focus on workplace safety and customer service, we continue to strive for improvements in every aspect of our operations. 


One welder’s dream became the foundation of this company and the roots of a genuine oilfield construction contractor. Anaya Welding & Lease evolved from Herbert Anaya’s own vocation of welding and evolved into the 20 year old company you see. Mr. Anaya is still very much involved in every aspect of AWL. Since his induction into the oilfield industry via welding in 1980 he has been able to convert a single man operation into a fully equipped pipeline and oilfield construction service that services all counties throughout Texas and some of the most respectful oil & gas producers in the nation. Anaya Welding & Lease now consists of an impenetrable family, from office staff to field operators. It is in this, that our company can offer the detailed and consice work that is required in the oilfield industry. AWL Inc, offers the dedication in it’s services that is customary within itself. It is evident by the presence of it’s founder in all of it’s decisions; and reflects in all of it’s completed projects and operations in an industry that requires precision and expertise.


To perform the highest level of quality oilfield construction services to our customers in the Rio Grande Valley and throughout the state of Texas. To ensure the longevityof our company by achieving customer satisfaction in all departments. To maintain the highest level of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationships with suppliers, subcontractors and clients.



 Company Info: 
DUNS# 131824526
TXDOT# 005669139C
USDOT# 1982017
FEDTAX# 74-2866021
 Man Hours:
2012 – 43,630
2011 – 28,567
2010 – 33,476
2009 – 31,890
2012 – 0.82
2011 – 0.84
2010 – 1.04
2009 – 0.97